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Family Program

Looking for a family volunteering experience in Costa Rica? We are glad to let you know that we provide this opportunity to learn about a new culture while giving back to a community and supporting wildlife. This is a great way to travel with a purpose.

By offering homestays, the whole family will get a true taste of the culture and cuisine of our unique country, as well as be immersed in the Spanish language, helping each child to gain interest in foreign languages which are so important in this day and age. Before returning home, each student will be given a certificate of participation in the program.

Participation in the Spanish program is not available for kids under four years old; however, they are welcome to enjoy of our ecological reserve and have fun sharing with the host family.

What’s Included

Introduction to Proyecto Asis.
Volunteer service (5 days per week, 6 hours daily).
Accommodation with a local family. 
Three daily meals provided by host family, and two coffee breaks while at project.
Support: 24/7 emergency support in country. 
Round trip transfer (homestay|rescue center).

What’s not Included

Personal expenses.
Transportation to|from Airport.
Travel Insurance (be sure to get this before you come).

Family Program Availability

It is important to mention such programs are available during specific dates of the year in some cases.
Months that we can offer the Family Programs any time of the year:

         March | June| July | August | December 

Months that we can offer this Volunteer Program the first two weeks of the month.

         January | February | April | May 
         September | October | November 

Of course, we are flexible in case that you have a person who wants to come for a longer period, we can check the possibility and let you know.

Bear in mind:

  • Your arrival must be on Monday, because our Project is closed on Sundays.

    Once you have decided you want to come, we will send you a very detailed e-mail telling you what the next steps are for you to sign up.


Family Program

Children under 9 years of age:                          Adults

         1 week =  $  425 USD                                    1 week =   $  580 USD
         2 weeks= $  820 USD                                    2 weeks = $1115 USD
         3 weeks= $1185 USD                                    3 weeks = $1605 USD
         4 weeks= $1515 USD                                    4 weeks = $2055 USD

                                      Longer periods are available!

Kids under 4 years old: $ 200 per homestay week.

Why pay to volunteer? You may ask

Well, part of this money goes to pay the family who hosts and feeds you, some income is spread throughout the local community, while the rest is invested in direct support of the valuable work for the wild animal rescue center that Proyecto Asis carries out, every day, all year round. This allows us to feed the animals, repair and build enclosures for them and look after their needs.

Family Program + Spanish Lessons

Spanish Class with children

Come to Costa Rica with your children to learn Spanish and make a difference by participating in the environmental education programs specially designed for the children.


Family Program + Spanish Classes

Children under 9 years of age:                          Adults

         1 week =  $  595 USD                                    1 week =   $  720 USD
         2 weeks= $1100 USD                                    2 weeks = $1380 USD
         3 weeks= $1585 USD                                    3 weeks = $1990 USD
         4 weeks= $2060 USD                                    4 weeks = $2590 USD

                                        Longer periods are available!

Kids under 4 years old: $ 200 per homestay week.


Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. with a 15 minutes break at 10:00 a.m. to have the coffee break. Total of 17.5 hours a week.

Children’s classes
Children take classes away from adults. The class is much more dynamic. Total of 17.5 hours a week.

Accommodation service

As part of our programs, you will stay with a local family that will provide you a private room, laundry service and all meals.  Considering our Host Families do not speak English, our recommendation is to bring a Spanish phrasebook for practicing your Spanish while you stay with them. (Lonely Planet offers excellent phrasebooks and there are also many Apps to download nowadays). The families are located in a range of 5 miles or less away (10 minutes).

Transportation service

Every day, we will provide the transportation service from your homestay to the Project and vice versa.

What to wear

It is important to mention that all the activities are outdoors, for that reason we will send you in advance a “packing list” telling you what kind of clothes are appropriate to bring.  Also, bear in mind that we are in the rainforest, for that reason, rain is common here (not daily, but it is).  A poncho or rain jacket is also something that we recommend.


Saturdays and Sundays volunteers usually go on tours usually previously booked by our office or they just relax and share with the host family. At Proyecto Asis front desk we will have all the information available about what kind of outdoor activities we can arrange for you, such as: zip lining, hiking to Arenal Volcano, white water rafting, hot springs, etc.

Here you can find such activities:

For more information, contact us. We will be thrilled to assist you in order to help you plan your program.

Call us at: +506 2475-9121, fill out our contact us form or send an email to:

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