Costa Rican Vet Trip

Pre-Vet Costa Rican Trip

”This trip was an amazing, unbelievable experience!!!”

”Anyone who wants more animal experience or is thinking about going to veterinarian school – this is the trip for you!
It is full of hands-on animal experience from cattle to monkeys. Every day is packed with different things to do and places to see. If you are looking for an adventure trip to a different country and culture that provides more than a tourist outlook – this is the trip for you!

I loved every minute of this trip. We spent a couple of days at the beef and dairy farms looking at the cows, experiencing vaccinating them, palpating the pregnant cows and just getting bovine experience. Also, with the beef bulls, we got to castrate them-which for me was an awesome experience. Then we had spay/neuter day which allowed all persons to get surgery experience. From giving shots, cleaning equipment, prepping the animal, helping suturing and then helping to rehabilitate the animal and making sure it recovers properly. Lastly, we got to visit horse farms and look at the breed of Costa Rica – the Paso Finos. We heard the history of them and then saw them be put through their paces by the trainer. Also, anyone who wanted to could ride them. It was amazing and was such a fun time.

Those were the animal days – they sound packed and long, which they were – but they were amazing and awesome! I got so much experience from this trip. I am an undergraduate and seeing all that I saw during this trip and all I did helped me so much. I learned so much information from the veterinarian students and I got more confidence in my abilities working with animals.

Then to top it off we had a whole day of sight-seeing and relaxation. On that day we went horseback riding, zip-lining, hiking and then to hot springs. It was so much fun and allowed the touristy aspect of Costa Rica to come out. So we got both worlds. We got to see the awesome sights and experience the fun of Costa Rica and then we got to get our hands dirty and get some experience with the animals.

If you want to gain experience and enjoy the Costa Rican scenery and fun…
…This trip is for you!!!!”

Natalie Santelli

At the Dairy Farm, Veterinary Abroad Educational Program

Veterinary Abroad Educational Program