Spanish Language Program

With almost 450 million speakers, Spanish is one of the most common spoken languages in the world. Spanish is an official language on four continents; it is the most spoken language in the Americas.

The Regular Spanish Program is designed to assure your success in acquiring a new language.

If you choose this option you will receive semi-private lessons 3.5 hours per day (morning session). You have two options: you can either opt to stay to volunteer after the classes. You would be helping the animals after your one hour break and until 3:45 pm approximately; or you can opt to spend your time to enjoy Costa Rica to its fullest by going around the area and experience the country offers.

At each level oral communication is emphasized. Grammar is presented at the beginning of each session in a way that is easily understood.

Host families speak pretty much only Spanish, so you will have extra exposition to the language, an awesome additional way to learn or improve.

The Spanish Program includes:

  1. Homestay (including meals, laundry, private room).
  2. 17.5 hours per week  (3.5 hours daily, Monday to Friday starting at 8:30 am).
  3. Materials.
  4. Certificate.
  5. Optional opportunity to volunteer at the wildlife rescue center.


         1 week =     $  825 USD
         2 weeks=    $1465 USD
         3 weeks=    $2110 USD
         4 weeks=    $2675 USD
       *After 4th week $ 435 / week.

Combination: Spanish + Volunteer program

Combine the best of both opportunities: Participate in a combination of both the Spanish and volunteer programs.

1 week Spanish classes + 2 weeks volunteer.
2 weeks Spanish classes + 2 weeks volunteer.
* Classes start at 8:30 am until noon. In the afternoon you help the animals accomplishing different tasks required for their welfare.

You choose how many weeks of each you would like to do depending on your special interests and the length of your stay in Costa Rica. For costs to a volunteer-only program, please refer to Individual Program or Family Program. For detailed quote regarding your combo choice, email us.

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