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”The species we take care of”

At Proyecto Asis we constantly take care of different species of wildlife. The animals we receive are brought here by forest ranger units or National entities in charge of wildlife protection and successful accomplishment of laws (MINAE, SINAC, BEN). Such entities and units bring the animals are in order to improve their lives until they can be released back to their natural habitat. Many of the animals found at Proyecto Asis are confiscated as they are kept as illegal pets, or because they are found in need of special attention as they are defenseless, wounded, sick, forsaken,  or even poisoned.

Also, neighbors find animals sick, wounded or alone (being too little) and decide to bring them here.

In general, we have several care areas in order to help rehabilitate or simply improve their lives as there are many of them which will not be released for different reasons.

Sometimes we receive new species and we are also lucky to release some others. We can mention: toucan, hawk, snake, monkey, anteater, sloth, squirrel, great curassaw, etc. as some of the species that have been released recently.

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