About us

Proyecto Asis is an organization dedicated to wildlife protection, environmental conservation, and fostering positive cultural exchanges through education and service. It serves as an animal rescue center, Spanish school and volunteer center. Proyecto Asis’ Animal Rescue Center strives to give the animals the care and respect that they deserve while rehabilitating them. It is also committed to providing quality Spanish classes, where the student is engaged and immersed in Spanish and Costa Rican culture. Lastly, the volunteer center offers a variety of opportunities for the local communities and foreign participants to work together in order to increase environmental conservation awareness through communication and community service.

On their way to feed the animals

On their way to feed the animals that Proyecto Asis take care of and the visitors and volunteers once they arrive here.

Our mission

To create intercultural connections and promote the building of a new environmental consciousness through our volunteer programs and Spanish classes.

Our vision

To provide all our international participants and the local Costa Rican community with a profound immersion experience that will deepen their cultural awareness and create a more environmentally conscious global citizen.

Gold and blue Macaws daily seen at Proyecto Asis

Gold and blue Macaws daily seen at Proyecto Asis