Consider becoming a Donor

Share the love for wildlife today when you make a donation to one or more of the species we take care of.

You can make your donation one-time via Visa or MasterCard, or come in person to Proyecto Asis and make a donation via cash or card.

The best way to send donations to Proyecto Asis is as it follows:

  • Wire Transfers ($250 or more)*.
  • Visa o MasterCard (below $250); contact us for more information about this method. 
  • Come in person to Proyecto Asis and make a donation via Cash or Card.

* Below, we add our bank account details for donations worth $250 or more:
Bank: Banco de Costa Rica
Address bank: La Fortuna de San Carlos, frente al colegio.
Account name: Proyecto Asis para el Desarrollo Humano S.A.
Account number: 346-0002359-0

Please do not forget to send a copy of the deposit (find our e-mail below).
This way, we can confirm that we got it.
We will contact you in order to send a certificate of donation / sponsorship, a photograph of the animal(s) you decided to help and information related to such species.

Baby Howler Monkey


Call us at: +506 2475-9121, or send an email to: Contact Proyecto Asis

We will be glad to help you with more details as there might be better options depending on the amount intented to be donated.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.