Safe Vacation Tips

Tips for having  a great and safe vacation while in Costa Rica

  • While driving or parking your car, lock the doors and keep the windows closed.
  • If you get a flat tire, somone tells you something is wrong with your car, you are bumped from behind, or you are being followed… do not stop, but seek police assistance or drive to a busy shopping center.
  • Avoid stopping your car when someone asks you for a ride.
  • When driving, if you need to check a map, do so in public|secure areas or ask a police officer for help. Do not do not stop in front of strangers.
  • Traffic infractions are paid in banks, never directly to police officials.
  • If you travel to areas far from your place to stay, you must carry your passport and be cautious. In case you stay within close range of such place, keep your documents in a safe box and carry a copy of those documents with all the relevant information.
  • Never leave money, credit cards, bags or valuables in the car.
  • When possible, try to park in parking garages, never in the streets.
  • Always keep your hotel door locked and never answer it for someone you do not know.
  • It is a good idea to let family and friends know your plans. Always let someone know when you’re expected to be back and what route you are planning to take.