Homestay Costa Rica

Staying with a host family is a wonderful cultural and educational experience.

The homestay option is an important part of the Proyecto Asis experience. Living with a family creates the full immersion experience. Those who live with Costa Rican families learn first hand about holidays, traditions, foods, and music.  It is common to see a lot of improvement in the conversation and listening skills.

For our different available programs such as: Individual, Family, Group and Veterinarian we provide this homestay experience.

Homestay Costa Rica

Homestay Costa Rica

The Homestays have been carefully screened to ensure you will experience a natural home setting with the hospitality for which Costa Ricans are famous. We work with committed Homestay families which value the exposure to different cultures and perspectives.

The homestays are near the rescue center where you will be volunteering. We understand everyone has different requirements when staying with others and that is why we will make sure your host family is the appropriate for you, so you can enjoy the experience in the best possible way.

The host family provides you with:

  1. Healthy meals
  2. Laundry service
  3. Private bedroom
  4. Shared bathroom
  5. Warm hospitality

The host families can meet special dietary needs, including those of vegetarians and vegans or others. Just let us know and this will be arranged.

Homestay Costa Rica – Living Standards

The standard of living of the host families is considered middle class by Costa Rican standards. In general, students and volunteers find here a simpler way of life than that to which they are used to.

Ticos, as the warmhearted Costa Ricans are known, pride themselves on having more teachers than policemen, a long life expectancy and a strong commitment to peace and prosperity.

Homestays are an unrivaled opportunity for genuine cultural exchange.

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